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Here in the news section we will keep you updated, provide you with the information about saving money on the trips, beneficial options, and additional services that we offer. After all, it is our goal to improve our facility and become the best taxi service in Kyiv airports. We will definitely reach!

Recent News

  • The driver returns free of charge and returns your belongings.

    If you forgot your personal belongings in the taxi?

    Sometimes our passengers write to us that they have forgotten personal belongings in the car: phone, bag and others. No problem. The driver returns free of charge and returns your belongings. There is no need to pay extra for this trip.

    We hope that our customers will appreciate this service!

  • Free driver waiting if the flight is delayed!

    Free driver waiting if the flight is delayed!

    Ordering a transfer in the airport of Kiev people sometimes think that if the plane is late, the meeting will be more expensive for the period of delay. We would like to assure you that the cost of a transfer service is fixed. It does not matter how late is the plane: one hour, two or three hours - the rate is fixed, there is no need to pay extra. The driver will wait as long as necessary!

  • get an extra discount for a taxi

    Who can get an extra discount for a taxi?

    Due to the needs of long-distance trips to other regions of Ukraine with a lot of baggage, people always think how much will it cost? In spite of fixed rates, we decided to establish a personal offer to the passengers, whose route is more than 100 kilometers.

    If you need a trip to another city or location in Ukraine at a distance of more than 100 kilometers, we can offer you an additional discount. Don’t forget to leave a message in the contact section, we will be happy to give you an answer and an extra discount for the long trip.

  • the trip by taxi to Chernobyl Ukraine

    A taxi trip to the Museum of corruption - the residence of Yanukovich (Mezhyhirya)

    Recently, one of the attractions of Kiev became the residence of the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych (Museum of corruption). Not too distant favorite place for tourists requires to order the taxi.

    We organize trips to the residence of Yanukovich at the following rates: a trip from the city of Kiev or the airport costs 30 euros, trip back to the city center or airport Zhuliany - 20 Euros, to the Boryspil airport - 25 Euro.

    The driver waiting near the Museum of corruption for two hours is free!

  • the trip by taxi to Chernobyl Ukraine

    A taxi trip to Chernobyl

    More and more guests are interested in sightseeing tours to suburb of Kiev. The most popular today becomes a trip to Chernobyl. As you can not catch the public transport in the neighborhood, you can try to get there by taxi. We decided to organize a tour trip to Chernobyl at a low price.

    The cost of the trip is 80 euros. On the back way there is 50% discount. If the driver needs to wait for the passengers, the two hours of waiting is for free. Next hours will cost 8 euros each.

  • Discounts for long-distance rides across Ukraine

    Discounts for long-distance rides across Ukraine

    Taking in account wishes of our clients we set up an additional 10% discount for long-distance rides. Starting from now if a ride out of Kyiv is planned, to another region or city, for instance, the fee for return route to the airport is going to be 30% cheaper.

    The 20% discount for the ride from Kyiv to the airport remains the same. However, we are working on a discount program for our regular customers. Check for updates and be the first to find out.

  • Payments with credit card

    Payments with credit card

    Starting with 1.05.2015 we are using card terminals for convenience of our clients. From this moment our clients are able to pay with credit card and receive a receipt for the service after the ride.

    Convenience - you do not have to pay with cash.

    Advantage - you do not have to tip the driver.

    Disadvantage - it is 27% more expensive (banking commission).

  • Passenger Insurance

    Passenger Insurance

    Along with general standing orders and laws concerning all vehicles, there are special requirements for taxi cars. They are connected with the taxi driver’s high responsibility for health and life of his passenger and also with transportation risks of people and luggage. Which is why “Taxi Service” has issued the policy of passenger insurance for every vehicle.

    According to this policy, the passenger has the right to demand the compensation of the damage caused by driver’s fault at the car accident or any other illegal action.

    The amount of sum insured is 4000 UAH and established according to the contract.

  • A transfer to the airport saves time and money

    A transfer to the airport saves time and money

    Many people confronted with a problem when the delivery to the airport or meeting from the airplane is needed. With the development of a taxi market, ordering a transfer to airports became easier. However not all transporters can guarantee comfort and safety of a trip.

    «Taxi-Service» has been keeping leading positions among major transporters of the capital for many years. This position is provided by a competent approach to the work organization, correct pricing policy, qualified staff and a perfect state of an autopark.

    Drivers know the city very well; therefore they can deliver a passenger to a destination quickly, leaving traffic jams aside as far as possible. At the same time they do not break the rules of the roads and do not endanger life and health of passengers.

    The price of the trip is fixed; therefore a client knows beforehand what payment is needed. Such a procedure of settlements excludes the collection of additional payment for waiting in traffic jams, on traffic lights etc.

    This decision provides quick, comfortable and safe travel.

  • Why is taxi at a fixed price cheaper

    Why is taxi at a fixed price cheaper?

    The cost of service can be calculated individually on the basis of the indication of the counter and at a fixed rate. A detailed price is presented in the corresponding section of the website. Such politics is caused, first of all, by a desire to make qualitative and safe transport even more accessible for a vast rank of population.

    If a client has to move around the city for a long tome, including driving to several addresses, it is better to rent a car with a driver by the hour. In this case the price for a taxi will be fixed, and the sum total will appear to be less than when calculating at a counter.

    A fixed way of calculation is applied at the delivery of passengers to airports of the capital or meeting them from the airplane.

    The basic advantages:

    -an exact price of the trip is known by a passenger beforehand;

    -the sum total will not be influenced by such occasions as traffic jams or bad weather conditions;

    -in fact, the waiting time is free.

    At the average calculations, the saving of costs can form from 20 to 60%, especially ordering cars at rush hours or for a long distance trips.

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